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  Be Spoke Tailoring  
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Be Spoke Tailoring
The basic principle behind Bespoke Tailoring is to create an individual garment, made by an individual, for an individual. The result is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted garment that suits your style and personality. Simply put, Bespoke Tailoring is creating a work of art.

Savile Row located in Central London’s Mayfair shopping area is the origin of Bespoke Tailoring. Savile Row has dressed every icon of male elegance from Fred Astaire to Frank Sinatra, right up to statesmen and royalty. Kachins has mastered this art in India. Our mission remains to provide you with the same Savile Row experience in India and our vision- to dress you in a Bespoke Kachins suit that is sure to surpass all your expectations.

The Creation

The process of bespoke begins with a detailed consultation with the Fashion Consultants at Kachins. You will be offered help and guidance regarding all aspects. Years of experience and fine craftsmanship along with our fine personalized services will be undertaken to process your unique order.

The first stage in the making of a Bespoke suit after fabric selection would be measurements. Our Master Cutter will take Exact Measurements using our in-house EMT process and will thereafter carefully study the individual’s profile, posture and desired look. The Master Cutter taking the measurements will also finally cut the suit. Herein lies the biggest differentiator between Bespoke and ordinary Made-to-measure varieties of clothing.

Subsequently, a specialist who has fine handcrafting skills and years of experience makes each individual item as per the high quality and finishing standards that he has been trained to offer at Kachins. Your garment that is now loosely stitched without buttons or buttonholes or any other finish details has now reached a basic stage known as a First Baste. A baste is basically a half-made suit that is not properly finished but held together with white base stitching. It is possible to make alterations to the fit and style at this stage because of the baste stitch. The Master Cutter will fit you and make the necessary alterations and corrections in your suit using chalk markings and pinning’s wherever required. He will also assess the accuracy of the pattern that has been cut based on the measurement he has taken and make the necessary modifications wherever needed. You will be called in for another fitting after this stage. At this time, your suit is in an advanced stage depending upon the complexity of changes that had to be made during the First Baste. If further alternations are required, the cutter may make the necessary notes and send it to the tailors for changes to be made. This is your final fitting and depending on the alterations, by the next fitting, your suit is likely to be delivered.

On the whole, the job of making a Bespoke suit requires over 80 man-hours of skilled work and this is the sole reason why Bespoke suits are more expensive and exclusive than Made-to-measure suits.

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