Bombay Market
Apartments Co-op Society,
Tardeo.Mumbai - India
Tel: 022-23510019
Email : info@kachins.com

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  The basic principle behind Bespoke Tailoring is to create an individual garment, made by an individual, for an individual.
  If you look around, you will notice that successful people have their own “look”- their own style and personality.
  Vertical stripes such as Pin Stripes will make you look much taller and slimmer. Wear a dark shirt with...
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  • Do you have any other Branches or Franchisees ?

    No we don’t. The only Kachins is the one located at Tardeo, Mumbai. We have been at this location since 1973. We have no branches or franchisees. The personalized nature of this business does not allow us to scale without compromising on quality and consistency in the product and service. The essence of Bespoke Tailoring would be lost if we had to open multitude of branches in India and Abroad.

  • I’ve never opted for a tailored suit before. Do you offer style advice?

    There is no shortcut to knowing your body type and what suits you best. Our in-house Fashion Consultants will help you choose only the best silhouette that flatters your body shape.

  • Why custom tailored clothing?

    It comes as no surprise that a majority of readymade menswear fails to flatter those of us who are taller, shorter, slimmer or on the heavier side. Custom tailored clothing a.k.a Bespoke Tailored Garments are styled and crafted to your body type and style as compared to “off-the-rack" clothes. Simply put, you get to enjoy the highest degree of fit, customization and quality when it comes to Bespoke.

  • Do you custom tailor womens clothing?

    We custom tailor all womens western wear that includes formal and casual suits, jackets, overcoats, trousers, skirts, shirts, tops, dresses and evening gowns.

  • Can I get my own fabric to be tailored?

    Unfortunately we do not tailor fabrics that are bought from outside. This is because we do not have any control over quality then.

  • How do I recognize a badly stitched suit?

    You won’t, but others definitely will. A badly tailored suit will not drape and fit as perfect as one that has been meticulously crafted.

  • Under what conditions do Kachins’ employees work?

    Kachins does not employ any person under the age of 18. Every employee is treat equally and the work environment and conditions match the expectations of our employees.

  • What if I can’t make it to the store?

    Kachins offers an On-Call Service. We could fix up an appointment wherever you are and arrange for fabric selection, measurements and fittings, Charges for this service are extra and shall be made known to you at the time of finalization of the appointment. Call +912223510019 to fix up an appointment now.
  The return to the classic suit has begun, with the English suit making .....
  When looking for the finest in Bespoke garments, there is only one place to go.