SmartMeasure AI

Leave the Measuring to the Experts!!
Correct Body Measurements are essential for great fitting clothes and taking Measurements is no easy task. We at Kachins understand the complexities involved and have an App just to do that!! All you require is a SMARTPHONE and 2 minutes of your time. Our Cellphone Mount, a patented invention, is available on our webstore and meant to assist you in the process, though not necessary its yet worth the investment. A few quick steps and we have you measured!
Follow the steps below:
Note down your Height in Feet and Inches or in Centimetres
Step 2
Wear fitted Clothing such as Gym Clothes OR Fitted Swimming Costume and remove your watches and shoes.
If you do not have our App already installed on your device then

Step 1 : Download App - Scan the QR Code 1 - After you have the App downloaded and installed on your device.

Step 2 : Run App - Scan the QR Code 2 - You will have to place your Smartphone or Tablet on a Table at a height between your Waist and Chest and at 90 degrees with the Front of the Smartphone Camera facing you. If you have our 90 degrees CellPhone Mount use that else you could use some books to support your smartphone. Our Cellphone Mount can be purchased from our webstore by clicking on this link.
Step 4
Keep a reference object 7ft (apx 2 metres) away from the device on the ground and Stand in an “A” Pose with legs spread slightly apart over the reference object and hands at 45 degrees facing the Smartphone Front Camera.
Step 5
Turn on the side around the reference object with the object being between your feet and your hands on the side touching your side of the hips such that your back curvature and front crotch are clearly visible in the camera.
Move out of the scene and follow the instructions on the App. You have been Measured!! Our Algorithms will examine the measurements obtained by SmartMeasure AI and you will be asked to confirm those measurements. Welcome to Kachins Online!!

Step 1
Already Installed App!

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